BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH

The BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH was created by combining the former forge of Chemiewerk Leuna and the Materialunion Lippendorf. In addition to the production of complex open die forgings such as rings, perforated discs, flanged shafts and shafts with multiple diameters, our customers benefit from the high production depth as well as the various heat treatment options and the in house machining department. With pre storage of ingots and billets and call of stocks for cutomers, we meet the highest demands for flexibility and service. High-alloy special grades are produced in the VIM, ESU, DESU and VAR processes.

State-of-the-art plant engineering and long-term know-how guarantee the supply of pre-materials of the highest quality and purity to the other mills in the BGH-Group.

BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH +49 (34342) 67 0 +49 (34342) 67 230

Address Hauptstr.100
04575 Lippendorf


Dirk Taubert
BGH Edelstahl Lippendorf GmbH
Dirk Taubert +49 (0)34342 67 335 +49 (0)34342 67 230

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