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We manufacture stainless steels and nickel alloys with diameters starting less than one tenth of a millimeter up to over one meter. Tradition, innovation and state-of-the-art plant engineering have been the basis of our products and our success for more than 550 years.

Our fully integrated production process - from melting to the finished wire, rod or open-die forging - makes products for the highest demands. Our steels are the basis for worldwide progress in all areas of life. Whether in sustainable energy generation, mobility, medical technology or environmental technology.

Ever decreasing product life cycles and development times, increased competition and ever changing demands call for a reliable partner for your supplier management. Our comprehensive stock, with availability of more than 70 grades in our complete size range, and a future-oriented logistics concept provide solutions for your complex procurement tasks. The worldwide availability of our products is rounded off by our international distribution network and service center.



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BGH in everyday life

Wind energy

Supply of wind energy without BGH stainless steel? Unthinkable!
Unthinkable! Globally, 2015 wind turbines with a capacity of more than 60 gigawatts were put into operation. Performance and efficiency of the turbines are constantly increased. Especially for offshore wind parks, where repairs are costly, the reliability of each component is of paramount importance.
We produce specially optimized, high-purity, gear steel grades, specially designed to the requirements of the wind turbine manufacturers. BGH 6587 is used worldwide in on- and offshore wind turbines for highly stressed components in gearboxes. Our fully automatic ultrasonic testing systems, are also suitable for testing of large diameters, guarantees, apart from the process reliability and reproducibility of the production steps, the high quality of each individual bar .

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas is one of the most important high efficient raw materials in the coming decades, whether as a fuel for cars, ships and airplanes, as basic material for the chemical and plastics industry or as a fuel for heat.
Exploitation, transport and processing are rightly subject to the highest safety requirements. We supply materials that meet these high requirements for corrosion resistance, strength and ductility. Our martensite-, duplex- / superduplex- and precipitation-hardening steels make an important contribution to the safe and environmentally sound supply of oil and gas to society.

Electric heat

Electricity turns into heat

We produce specially optimized, high-purity gear units specially designed for the requirements of wind turbine manufacturers. BGH 6587 is used worldwide in on- and offshore wind turbines for highly stressed components in gearboxes. Guaranteeing the high quality of each individual rod, apart from the process reliability and reproducibility of the production steps, our fully automatic ultrasonic testing systems are also suitable for large dimensions.

Tool steel

Modern tool steels of the BGH give our sourrounding new forms. Only a few natural products find their way into our everyday life in their orginal form. Durable and wear-resistant cold work steels are used, for example, in the wood industry to produce building materials from new trees for new living quarters. Plastics, produced from petroleum, would not be omnipresent in its wide variety and applciations without plastic mold steels. Steel, made from ores and coal could neither be forged nor rolled without hot work tool steels. Filigree designed vehicles and engines would be unthinkable. Without knives and mills made from tool steel the food industry would have extreme problems to provide enough food. Tool steel is working in the background in our day to day life, but without tool steel our day to day life would be not possible.

Lager Heubach

Lager Heubach

Am Flugplatz 2
73540 Heubach,

Phone Number: +49 (0)7173 1840101
Fax: +49 (0)7173 1840110
E-Mail: sued@bgh.de
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Warehouse China

Warehouse China

No. 2514, Unit 1, TBA Tower, No. 11, Dongguan Avenue
Dongguan 523000,

Phone Number: +86 769 26628901
E-Mail: daisy.mo@bgh.asia
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Warehouse Freital

Warehouse Freital

Am Stahlwerk 1
01705 Freital,

Phone Number: +49 (351) 646 0
Fax: +49 (351) 646 2577
E-Mail: info.freital@bgh.de
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Warehouse Isernhagen

Warehouse Isernhagen

Chromstraße 3
30916 Isernhagen,

Phone Number: +49 (511) 763338 0
Fax: +49 (511) 763338 22
E-Mail: info.sl-stahl@bgh.de
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Warehouse Polska

Warehouse Polska

ul. Żelazna 9
Katowice 40 -851,

Phone Number: +48 32 609 34 10
Fax: +48 32 609 34 37
E-Mail: info.polska@bgh.pl
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Warehouse Siegen

Warehouse Siegen

Industriestraße 12
57076 Siegen,

Phone Number: +49 (271) 701 0
Fax: +49 (271) 701 300
E-Mail: info.siegen@bgh.de
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Warehouse Spain

Warehouse Spain

Poligono Industrial Artia s/n
Atxondo (Vizcaya) 48292,

Phone Number: +34 946 231 424
E-Mail: Comercial@Comercial-arrate.com
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Warehouse Turkey

Warehouse Turkey

Cerkesli OSB Mah. Imes 3 Bulvari A No: 35
Dilovasi, Kocaeli 41455,

Phone Number: +90 262 503 2777
E-Mail: gamze.baskan@bgh-group.com
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Warehouse USA

Warehouse USA

8190 Roll and Hold Parkway, Suite C
Macedonia, Ohio 44056,
United States

Phone Number: +1-330-468-0375
Fax: +1-330-468-0509
E-Mail: sales@bghsteel.com
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