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BGH Specialty Steel Services is the exclusive warehouse for the BGH Group in North America. Located in the Cleveland, OH, area, the Midwest, large parts of the east coast and the province of Ontario (Canada) can be supplied within 1-2 days. With saw cutting service, just-in-time delivery and a range grades in stock to match the requirements of the North American market, BGH Specialty Steel is able to offer the material know-how and the high quality of the BGH products with local service. 

Warehouse USA +1-330-468-0375 +1-330-468-0509

Address 8190 Roll and Hold Parkway, Suite C
Macedonia, Ohio 44056
United States


Jochen Bachmann
BGH Specialty Steel, Inc. (Cleveland)
Jochen Bachmann +1-330-468-0375 +1-330-468-0509

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