BGH Edelstahl Lugau GmbH

Since the 1930s, bright steel is produced at the Lugau site, near the city of Chemnitz. Through continuous investment after the privatization and integration into the BGH-Group, one of the most modern bright steel companies in the world has been created.

Its high-bay rack for rolled wire and the modern stainless steel pickling line ensure maximum flexibility with regard to economical batch sizes for drawn wire and rod. With protective gas annealing systems, cleaning systems and grinding machines highest surface requirments can be met. With the hot-drawing process, difficult to form grades, like high-speed steel (HSS), can be produced economically.

BGH Edelstahl Lugau GmbH +49 (37295) 29 0 +49 (37295) 29 190

Address Gleisstr.12
09385 Lugau


Torsten Heymann
BGH Edelstahl Lugau GmbH
Torsten Heymann +49 (0)37295 29 310 +49 (0)37295 29 190

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