Stainless steel

Stainless steel is produced by BGH in all product forms such as fine wire, wire, wire rod, bar, semi-finished bars, bright steel and open die forgings. We make all grade families like Austenite, Martensite, Ferrite, Highly Heat Resistant, Duplex and Superduplex.

This diversity shows also in the wide variety of applications stainless steel from our production can be found. Our stainless steels often superseed requirements for corrosion resistance, acid resistance and heat resistance, whether in automotive-, chemical industry, power generation, mechanical engineering, oil and gas industry, plant construction, shipbuilding, environmental-, food- or medical technology. Our stainless steel impresses with its longevity, durability and at the same time with its aesthetics. Of course, we store a great deal of this diversity in our modern warehouses to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.