Nickel alloys/Special alloys

Nickel alloys / Special alloys

Due to their unique combination of properties, nickel- and nickel-based alloys from BGH are an integral part for various applications, such as oil and gas production, the chemical process industry, power generation, automotive engineering and electrical engineering. Their properties include corrosion- and high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, controlled thermal expansion and weldability, which can be adjusted depending on their chemical composition and their manufacturing process at BGH.

For special alloys we offer you our complete product range from fine wire to forged bars. 

Starting with melting in an electric arc furnace or a vacuum induction melting (VIM) furnace as well as ESR / VAR remelting, these special alloys pass through almost all our plants during production. Due to our fully integrated production process, we can not only offer standard chemical compositions according to the current standards such as ASTM / ASME, NACE or DIN, but also compositions tailored to cusotmer requirements.

From our warehouses a wide range of nickel alloy grades and dimensions can be delivered quickly.