BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbH

Since its founding in 1466, forging has been the core competency of the Boschgotthardshütte (BGH) in Siegen. In 1966 the forge was extended by a steel mill. Today, BGH Edelstahl Siegen produces bars and open-die forgings in stainless-, acid- and heat resistant steel, tool steel and nickel base alloys at both of its plants, "Eintracht" and "Weidenau".

In addition to melting and forming, extensive heat treatment and machining is offered now. Fully automatic ultrasonic testing equipment and the accredited quality laboratory guarantee top quality. Our high-bay warehouse and modern logistics center ensure just-in-time service.

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Address Industriestraße 9
57076 Siegen


Dr. Frank Hippenstiel
BGH Edelstahl Siegen GmbH
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