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BGH Edelstahl Lugau GmbH has a long tradition to look back on in producing bright steel. Founded 1924 as engineering works; the local mill started its bright steel production of in the 1930s. Since 1960 stainless steel, valve steel and wire have been part of the production program. After privatization and incorporation into the BGH-group, the product range has been changed significantly: Instead of producing ordinary steel, BGH Lugau started to focus on the manufacture of bright steel products for specific applications.

The know-how generated on-size in many years combined with modern and all-round plant engineering enable us to produce bright steel and drawn wire in high-grade and special steels to an advanced level of technology and quality.
Owing to the long-time experience of our employees, the processing of difficult grades is not a problem.

The main focus of Lugau’s production line is drawing wire in sizes ranging from 0.7 mm to 20 mm. The wire is either cold drawn from wire to wire or wire to bar. Hot drawing is used as special technology with material which is difficult to deform, such as high-speed-steel. Bright steel bars are produced in a size range of 1 to 80 mm with a peeled, ground and polished surface using the coil-to-bar and bar-to-bar method.

Our goal is to meet highest requirements in size, shape and tolerances, surface quality, straightness and material properties. Predominantly, steel bars and wire rod from BGH Edelstahl Freital are used as pre-material. Besides the production of wire, wire rod coils from BGH Freital are pickled in Lugau and directly shipped to wire rod customers.

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