Rolling Technology

As a manufacturer of long products, BGH operates multiple rolling mills. With our cogging mill cast and remelted ingots are rolled to square or flat billets. Material with hard workability can be formed by multiple-heat-rolling. This can be done by backing the pre- rolled slab into the rolling mill furnaces. Furthermore, facilities for cooling, annealing and grinding are available. The billets of our cogging mill are rolled to round bars with our downstream blooming mill. In this way, sizes ranging from 70 to 160 mm dia are produced.

Sizes from 5,0 to 70 mm dia are produced with a combined bar- wire rolling mill.This train can process continuous cast material as well as material pre-rolled at the blooming mill. The bar-wire rolling train has different extra equipment to master high flexibility in grades and lot sizes.

Interconnected induction heating facilities enable adjustment of the relevant forming temperature for every steel grade. A planetary cross rolling mill and four H-V regular rolling stands form the blooming train. This is followed by another induction heating facility, a 16-standed continuous rolling train and a 4-standed Kocks block. Latter enables the production of very accurate round sections with its three-disc-technology which are then forwarded as bars in sizes of 13 to 70 mm dia to the cooling bank or Garrett-Coiler to produce wire between 12 and 15 mm. Wire sections of 5–12.7 mm are produced by re-directing the rolling strand behind the Kocks block to the 8-standed wire rod mill. Furthermore, the bar-wire rolling mill is equipped with various cooling facilities to allow thermo- mechanical rolling and avoid sintering of certain steel grades due to high rolling velocities.

BGH Polska disposes of a roughing stand, a 16-standed continuous rolling mill and a 5-standed flat rolling mill and is specialized in the production of flat and square bars. Square sections of 15–42 mm and flat sections up to 75x5 mm are rolled with the continuous rolling mill. Sections of up to 70 mm thickness and 250 mm width are rolled with the flat rolling mill. As both trains allow rolling without calibration, intermediate sizes can be produced even in small lot sizes. Another advantage is that the material is rolled with sharp corners which mostly accommodates further processing. Natural rolling corners can as well be produced.BGH Polska is equipped with induction heating and several cooling facilities to adjust the microstructure.