Machining Technology

Based on our flexible machineries, we are able to handle a wide range of sizes – including forgings with extreme dimensions.

Even when it comes to large open-die forgings, including those with a hollow center, we have the capability to machine out a variety of different contours according to customers' drawings, such as sieve and spherical shaped parts or pipes.


Our deep hole drilling machines enable us to carry out drillings of 20–1000 mm dia with lengths of up to 16,000 mm in one run. With our tooling available, we are able to react quickly to customer requirements involving complex contours, such as inclines and radii in bottom hole bores and bore transitions.


We have the capacity to machine workpieces of up to 18,000 mm length (e.g. towing bars, tie rods, mandrel bars and propeller shafts) as well as workpieces with large cross-section up to 35t per piece. In one run, our turning machines are able to machine complex components which can include slots, grooves, bevels, taps etc. By that we achieve shorter running times and therefore a better delivery performance.


Workpieces with a size of 4,000–9,000 mm and a weight of 25 t per piece are manufactured with our CNC-navigated drilling and milling machines. The navigated machines with up to 6 axles can produce the most difficult shapes according to customer requirements.


Our honing machine covers drills of 50–510 mm dia. Honing is used to machine drills with a slight surface roughness and those which do not allow dimensional deviations (e. g. cylinders).

We would be pleased to receive any inquiries you may have regarding the above-mentioned products.